The CARIBSAVE Partnership

The CARIBSAVE Partnership (CARIBSAVE) is a Not-For-Profit regional organization based in the Caribbean with its Headquarters in Barbados. CARIBSAVE is the joint partner for the execution and administration of the ParCA project. CARIBSAVE will lead and coordinate the field work on the Caribbean study sites and facilitate the recruitment of Caribbean Nationals for post-graduate studies under the ParCA project.

CARIBSAVE was formed in 2008 as a partnership initiative between the Caribbean Community Climate Change Centre (CCCCC) and the University of Oxford. CARIBSAVE works with stakeholders to address the impacts and challenges surrounding climate change, the environment, economic development, tourism and community livelihoods across the Caribbean Basin, using an integrated and holistic approach.

CARIBSAVE believes in the power of working together. The organisation prides itself on establishing and growing collaborative and productive relationships with regional and international organisations, national governments, communities and the private sector. These combined efforts and initiatives to enhance and protect the environments, livelihoods and economies of the Caribbean and to share information and resources bring about a critical mass which is fundamental to addressing the challenges of climate change on a sectoral basis.