This movie presents the fieldwork that Dr. Luna Khirfan has conducted in Tobago in Summer 2013.  Two students: Amelia Xin and Vivian Yu produced this movie during an independent study under the direct supervision of Dr. Luna Khirfan.

Video: Climate Change Adaptation in Tobago

Michelle Rutty’s PhD, “Weather and Climate for Coastal Tourism,” advances climate resource assessments for tourism. The research findings further our understanding of the complex relationships between personal and meteorological parameters that influence climatic preferences, perceptions and thresholds. Through concurrent meteorological measurements and in situ surveys with beach tourists in the […]

Research Findings: Weather and Climate for Coastal Tourism

In May 2012, following a successful week of introductions, site planning meetings and knowledge exchanges, a team of four began the Community-Based Vulnerability Assessment (CBVA) for Tobago. Amanda Palmer, Canadian Master’s Candidate at the University of Waterloo, Alvin Thompson, Tobagonian PhD Candidate at the University of Waterloo and Heather Stager, ParCA […]

CBVA Update: Tobago