Conducting Interviews in Negril, Jamaica

A team of five core researchers (Maliha Majeed, Donovan Campbell, Ashley Sprague, Steven Alexander, and Thalia Balkaran), under the supervision of Johanna Wandel and Derek Armitage, conducted a total of 154 interviews in Negril, Jamaica over the months of November and December 2012. The team immersed themselves within the community of Negril to gain insight into the community’s perceptions on experienced and ongoing environmental, social, economic, and political changes and challenges. A semi-structured interview methodology was implemented, which is a highly conversational interview style guided by a common checklist of particular topics to be addressed. Community members of Negril affiliated with tourism or fisheries, including a variety of people such as hotel managers and employees, craft vendors, fisher people, and fish vendors, generously provided the team with their time and invaluable knowledge regarding the variety of challenges and changes experienced in Negril. Of the 154 interviews, 137 were community-based interviews involving fishing (26%) and tourism (74%) sectors, and 17 were governance interviews with relevant agencies and governance bodies.